Students have their say on the issues of the day

By Taryn Cook

QUESTION: How do you feel about mandatory enlistment? How would you feel if the United States adopts this system?

I didn’t know of any countries using mandatory enlistment before I was informed. I can understand smaller countries using it because they don’t have a large military and these laws help provide troops in case a war breaks out or security for the country. The U.S. has a system in place called the Selective Service System; males between 18-25 applying for federal incentives must fill it out. It gives you a lottery number to possibly be drafted if needed. If a more set system was used, I would feel very petulant because I always wanted to go into the armed forces and being forced into it makes me not want to do it.

*This is not the opinion of the U.S. military.

Francisco Garcia Matos is a junior majoring in hospitality management and a volunteer reserve for the U.S Air Force.

Francisco Garcia Matos

I don’t agree with it. I feel like it should be a choice. You can’t force people to be in a war or fight if they don’t want to or if they aren’t that type of person. If the U.S. chooses to go with mandatory enlistment I have no problem with it as long as there aren’t a bunch of exclusions and exemptions for too many people.

Cade Ham is a sophomore majoring in math.

Cade Ham

I don’t love mandatory enlistment because some people can’t physically do it. As long as people were physically able to perform their duties and are willing to devote themselves, the system is fine. I think that if the U.S needs or wants to adopt this system then it needs to be gender inclusive, yet I can understand why other countries focus only on the men joining.

Olivia Brown is a freshman who is an undeclared major.

Olivia Brown

People should be able to choose if they enlist because there are some people that are not fit to go into the military. I understand that other countries have had this policy in place for decades, but maybe they should change their policies to be more like the U.S. where they have the option to join the military.

Julia Pomerantz is a senior majoring in integrated marketing communication.

Julia Pomerantz

It would depend on the situation. Sometimes you want mandatory enlistment but at other times it could cause conflict between those who want to serve and those who don’t. I am possibly OK with it being adopted here in the U.S. because right now my mindset is saying I would want to serve but that might change in the future.

Cole Biesecker is a freshman majoring in hospitality management.

Cole Biesecker

Taryn Cook is a sophomore majoring in hospitality management and minoring in public relations.

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