Students have their say on the issues of the day

By Ben Weyman

Question: The president recently unveiled her new five-year plan, and dorm upgrades are one of the points. What upgrades do you want to see in the dorms?

I would like the beds to be sturdier, a few more hooks and hanging racks, and more responsive ACs. A way to add curtains or something to cover the windows besides the blinds would be nice.

For the overall buildings, they should get newer shower heads and replace missing hooks in the bathrooms.

Colin Quinn is a senior majoring in mass communications

Colin Quinn

I’m pretty easy going so I’m content with the dorms. I guess I would like to see some better furniture in the West apartments. Our couch is really uncomfortable and the table has been uneven all year.

Dan Cerullo is a senior majoring in sports management

Dan Cerullo

Overall I think the dorms are decent. The freshman dorms need AC  badly, but I don’t have many complaints about the dorms on West. I think some more counter space in the kitchens and more storage furnishings would be the only changes I’d make.

Kyle Pettine is a junior majoring in accounting

Kyle Pettine

One of the reasons I moved out of campus housing is because of some dorm issues. It’s too expensive for the quality of the dorms, we did some math and found that living off campus is more cost-effective and probably more comfortable.

Other than that, I think there needs to be improvements to the bathrooms (better showers and sinks), better beds, more reliable heat and AC, and more comfortable chairs and desks. Sitting and doing homework for a while was very uncomfortable.

Alexander Lema is a senior majoring in engineering

Alexander Lema

I’ve been an RA for four years so I’ve seen the best and worst of the dorms here. There needs to be consistent layouts and offerings, like on West where only one building has AC. I think the kitchen appliances need to be updated, our stove looks like it’s from 1970. The microwaves are also bad.

Better lighting and larger desks and wardrobes are things I also want to see. I never had enough room for all of my clothes.”

Hunter Hudak is a senior majoring business administration

Hunter Hudak

Ben Weyman is a senior majoring in mass communications

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