Careers in communications? Alumni panel to explore those in a free event Thursday

By Vaughntay Mcgraw

So, what communications and writing jobs are out there for graduates and why is being able to do both important?

The York College Department of Communications will try to provide a few answers to those questions when it holds an alumni career panel from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. Thursday, April 7, in Humanities 218, which is the film viewing room.

The following are expected to appear on the panel:

  • Sam Nicodemo (ESPN)
  • Althoff, David (Marvel Entertainment)
  • Buck, Samantha (NBCUniversal)
  • Shaina Lucas (Publishing Services)
  • Sarah Romberger (FIsher Scientific)

It is free and open to all York College students.

Said Gabriel Cutrufello, PhD, an associate professor and chair of the Department of Communication and Writiing, “The alumni career panel features several of our programs’ graduates who have either developed careers in the broadcast media or technical writing or used their communication and writing skills to develop careers that require those experiences.”

Cutrufello said that this will be the second time that the department has hosted this type of panel. Around 75 attended the first one. “We are hoping that more will attend this one,” he said.

The event will take place Thursday, April 7, in HUM218.

While they are expected to talk about the value of networking, it’s expected they also will discuss the value of being able to effectively communicate and write.

“Employers consistently rate the ability to speak and write as being one of the top skills they expect in employees,” Cutrufello said, adding that getting to that point takes “some practice and a willingness to listen to feedback and revise.”

Vaughntay Mcgraw is a junior majoring in biology.

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