Spring 2021 COVID-19 update: dorms

By Kyle Shane

COVID-19 virus changed many aspects of how college life in a dorm operates. The return of students this semester proved that reopening the campus required cooperation between students and regulations set by the college.

Director of Residence Life Robbie Bacon said the on-campus community at York College has pushed for “social distancing measures, requirements for face coverings, and expectations of personal responsibility.”

All these expectations apply to the students living on campus and extend into their dorms. In addition to the changes made to common areas and visitation policies, Residence Life has changed how community activities and events are run.

The Resident Assistant staff have switched to an online medium for campus events and activities, with the college sending out email notices to keep students engaged as close as they can to pre-pandemic levels while still staying safe.

Events still go on thanks to dedicated Resident Assistants, but the type of events that go on have changed.

Bacon said that “the RA staff [members] continue to fulfill their requirements in our residence hall communities. We have added greater use of technology to keep our practices and initiatives running.”

Keep a look out across campus and in your emails for future events and activities related to the campus community.

Kyle Shane is a Mass Communications major with an anticipated graduation in


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