For wrestler Jared Kuhns, finishing first nationally in technical falls was an ‘awesome feeling’

By AJ Apel

JARED Kuhns a graduate student from East Greensville, north of Philadelphia, and the 125-pound wrestler on the York College wrestling team.

He was able in his final season to win a national statistical title in Division 3 for technical falls, which is when a wrestler is beating his opponent by 15 or more points.  

“Being the leader in tech falls was an awesome feeling,” he says, noting that it plays into a mantra that he and head wrestling coach Duane Bastress preach: If there’s time on the clock, there’s time to score points. Adds Kuhns, “Scoring points is my favorite thing to do, more than pinning an opponent. Nobody can say they got caught in a tech fall. I have fun going out and putting as many points on the board as I can, it’s what makes this sport fun and keeps me smiling on the mat.”

 In his five years as a Spartan, Kuhns reached a record of 102-36 that put him in fifth for most wins in program history. That success “reminds me of all the hard work I’ve put in and trusting what I do and know how to do,” he says.

Jared Kuhns wins his match at the Men’s Wrestling match against Messiah University on Feb. 3, 2023. (Brendan Bilo/The Spartan)

If there is one thing that Kuhns is good at, it’s having a smile on his face when he wrestles all while staying competitive. Says Bastress, “He may have a smile on his face and be bouncing around but when he stepped across the line, he wanted to win as bad as anyone I’ve coached.” 

With that hard work came the chance to learn from mistakes. “The 36 losses taught me more than the wins did,” he says.  I look back at my career and recap it as a testimony to all my hard work, self-belief, and self growth.”

When Bastress was asked about what impressed him the most about Kuhrs, he responds that it was “Jared’s fun-loving and let-it-fly attitude when he stepped out onto the mat. He went out to score points and have fun.  He had that mindset from day one here, most kids it takes some time to figure out or develop that mindset.”

Focusing on this past year, Kuhns was able to notch a record of 36-8,. which he says was not easy. “Winning at the college level no matter what division is hard to do,” he said, “As physically demanding of a sport as wrestling is, the mental side is more important. If you don’t have the belief in yourself, then you aren’t going to perform. You have to be willing to compete and go to war for 7 minutes.”

The 36 losses taught me more than the wins did

Jared Kuhns

Kuhns, 23, is a business major. Being a graduate student, he was asked about his future plans. Not surprisingly, wrestling was included in the answer.

“I am looking to find a job in York and, if so, I will be looking to remain a Spartan, just as a coach rather than a competitor,” he says. “If not York, I will be looking to find a job back home to head back and coach with my old coaches and mentors.”

AJ Apel is a sophomore Sport Media Major and a member of the men’s lacrosse team

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