Students have their say on the issues of the day: Honor Lock testing system

By Hayley Leitzinger

QUESTION: Is the Honor Lock test system good or bad?

HONOR Lock is a virtual, remote-proctoring system that professors can use to administer tests and exams. This is an extension that can be added to a Google Chrome browser. There are different “no cheat” features that professors can set, such as providing identification and room scans. Some controversy exists on campus whether this is a viable way to administer exams or not. Several people were interviewed by the Spartan to get students’ opinions on the Honor Lock system.

Here is the name, class and major of each student interviewed and followed by their response:

Gabby Irizarry is a freshman majoring in Human Services

While she has never specifically used Honor Lock before, she said she’s heard other students on campus talking about it and used a similar feature in high school on her Chromebook. She said, “When I used this feature, it would immediately prevent all other tabs from being opened until the exam was submitted…” Irizarry felt that “… it is a good way to cut down on the risk of cheating, as not only does it lock down your computer until you are completed, but it also uses your camera to make sure you are not referencing other material.” 

Gabby Irizarry

Vic Tsygan is a senior majoring in Human Resources Management with an Arts Administration minor

She used Honor Lock in her accounting class and said “it made the exam more stressful because I like to fidget a lot while taking presentations and Honor Lock added a lot of pressure to keep still.” She also said that “it gives students more anxiety about tests” and that she would not recommend this system to professors. It instills fear in students,” which is not a good way for professors to administer exams. 

Vic Tsygan

Eileen Kelly is a senior majoring in human services with a minor in applied youth development

When asked about Honor Lock, she said she liked it but because her laptop is older it didn’t work well on her device. “It was also hard to do the room scan (a security feature on honor lock),” she said. “It also makes exams a little awkward, because I shift in my seat during testing, so I have gotten flagged before for that.” Despite some minor technology issues, Kelly felt overall that it was a good testing system and would recommend it to professors. 

Eileen Kelly

Alex Goldstein is a sophomore who is majoring in human services and minoring in psychology, applied youth development, and criminal justice.

She said that she did like Honor Lock and found it easy to use for exams. The only downfall with the system she noted is that “it’s a little annoying because it only works on Chrome and not Safari.” She said she had a positive experience with this testing system and would recommend it as a good way to administer exams. 

Alex Goldstein

Mir Monticchio is a freshman who is majoring in Graphic Design

“My experience was neither good nor bad because I just saw it as another precautionary measure professors will use to ensure their students do not cheat. I think this is a good way to administer tests because it helps the teachers know no one will be able to cheat, especially if the test is taken at home and not in a classroom setting.” When asked if he would recommend this system to professors, Monticchio said, “I would recommend this system to other professors, especially with how much online classes have grown since the pandemic.”

Mir Monticchio

Hayley Leitzinger is a freshman at YCP and her major is currently undeclared. She is considering Occupational Therapy and is tailoring her classes this semester towards that career. 

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