For this writer, there’s one ‘horrible’ condiment you’ll never find in her refrigerator

By Evie Giffin

IT’S NO secret that Kendra Pierre-Louis, the York College writer-in residence, hates mayonnaise.

She is very outspoken about this dislike and has articles she’s written, tweets on her public Twitter account and even includes it on her website. Her article for Popular Science entitled “Mayonnaise is disgusting, and science agrees” features scientific backing on why mayo isn’t good for you.

Asked why she has this strong feeling toward a condiment she answered honestly and earnestly: She just doesn’t like it.

“I think mayo is horrible,” she told The Spartan. “It’s a horrible, horrible, horrible condiment that doesn’t count as food and belongs in the garbage can.”

It’s goopy, smells bad, and overpowers every other flavor of the meal that it’s being added to, she said.. Due to this she believes that “people who put mayo on food indiscriminately are engaged in tyranny,” a rather extreme sentence but one that properly conveys just how much she doesn’t like that condiment.

Kendra Pierre-Louis presenting at the Cultural Series event on Mar. 2, 2023. (Brendan Bilo/The Spartan)

There have apparently been some places that she visited that didn’t even have a non-mayonnaise option.

“When I was looking at grad school, I looked at Berkeley,” she said, “and I’m not saying this is why I ultimately decided not to go but I’m not saying it’s not but wasn’t a factor, and during the like Welcome Students weekend they served us a million sandwiches including gluten free and vegan and every single one had mayo.”

She said that her outspokenness about it “works out in my favor because now when I go places people know and serve me food without mayo, which didn’t used to be a thing.”

That was the case at York College, she said.

Sometimes, her dislike of mayo is so intense that some people have confused it as something deeper.

She said that after she posted her mayo article “a woman emailed me calling me a racist because she was like, ‘oh, you’re using it for mayo as an allegory for white people? And I’m like, no, sometimes mayo is literally mayo. Like, this isn’t that deep.

“It really is about mayonnaise,” she continued. “I think it’s disgusting and it’s ubiquitous and it’s everywhere.” 

Evie Giffin is a senior majoring in Professional Writing and Literary And Textual Studies.

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