Students have their say on the issues of the day: Wi-Fi improvement

By Julian Leon

QUESTION: Have you seen an improvement in the Wifi in your time here at York College?

A story that appeared last semester in The Spartan details some of the issues students have with Wi-Fi, and was followed by this Word on Campus asking for more student input. This is a follow to that story.

“Over my two years here I have seen the same consistent issues of crashes but majorly of the time I don’t seem to have many big issues.” So, overall for good or bad, Hellwig sees no big changes for the Wi-Fi on campus.

Chase Hellwig, sophomore Mass Communication major

Chase Hellwig

“If York has made any changes in my three years here I haven’t noticed.” Duthu spends most of his time in the Kinsley building which is borderline off campus and for him Wi-Fi can be a little tricky to handle. “Sometimes I connect to the internet but other times I don’t. It has been a struggle at times especially when I have big assignments.”

Joshua Duthu is a junior Engineering Management major

Joshua Duthu

“I don’t live on campus so sometimes it takes me sometime to connect to the internet here, but when I do connect my signal isn’t at full strength.” Worley says he believes that York should fix its dead zone spots and help widen their Wi-Fi range on campus.

Andrew Worley, senior Sport Management major

Andrew Worley

“Obviously there are times where the Wi-Fi can crash but for the most part I have had a pretty good experience when it comes to the on campus network.”

Ian Jones, senior Marketing major

Ian Jones

“I definitely have noticed a major change compared to my freshman year. I have experienced way fewer network issues and haven’t had to update my computer as much.” 

Mitch Ewing, senior Hospitality Management major

Mitch Ewing

Julian Leon is a senior majoring in Sport Media.

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