If students could make one change at YCP, what would it be?

By the Spartan staff

YORK College of Pennsylvania is home to almost 3,600 students who sought out to receive their education in what they described as a comfortable, cozy environment. The convenience of smaller classrooms, a close proximity to various parts of campus and the overall dynamic of YCP culture are among those qualities most attractive to students.

But not everything can be perfect, and there is always room for improvement. So we asked students the following: If there was one thing you could change at York College, what would it be?

Here’s what they found:

I caught up with a student after their evening production class in Wolf Hall to get some insight.

Marcos Repolle, Mass Communication, sophomore: “For the Video Production classes, I would want to create more creative and engaging projects than the ones that we already have. I think that they are very slow and I feel like if it was more creative and we had more ability to do what we wanted with the projects we could learn more.”

Marcos Repolle

As a Mass Communication major myself, I decided to ask another student walking with a friend just outside of Wolf Hall who I know as a Mass Communications major to see what their answer would be

Ella Weary, Mass Communications, sophomore: “I think that we need some technological advancements. I work in the financial aid office and i’m also a Mass Communications major, I use equipment from the equipment room and I think we could use more equipment there that’s closer to the times. And in the office that I work in we definitely need updated systems because it would make it easier to work.”

Ella Weary

I traveled to a more secluded part of campus, Northside Commons and in there lounge area, I found a student already in deep conversation about the parking rules on campus…

Hamzah Bair, IT Management, sophomore: “More parking spots, because there clearly aren’t enough and it would reduce the amount of parking tickets that I get. I have a parking pass for Northside but that gets full sometimes so like why do they sell more parking passes then there are parking spots? Those spots get filled quickly and then I have to decide between parking on Jackson Street or risking getting a ticket and that’s a problem on its own.”

Hamzah Bair

– Karisma Boyd

Forensic Chemistry major Taylor Brenneman said she believes that the school could do a better job allocating parking spots for students and faculty. “There are so many people that live on campus and so few parking spaces, there are plenty of spaces for faculty but the spots for students are in inconvenient locations” Brenneman said.

Taylor Brenneman

JD Townsend is a Finance major and said he feels that the school should add more major specific classes and not make students take so many courses unrelated to their majors.  “I believe that making us take constellation courses isn’t necessary and do little to nothing for our major,” Townsend said.

JD Townsend

– Anthony “AJ” Apel

Vie Meyers, an upperclassman Biology major, said, “I would want to change the culture to be more sustainability focused. I think the faculty are really eco-conscious but I think the administration’s interest is lacking.” She says that she believes this will help to attract new students and lead to a more eco-friendly environment.

Vie Meyers

The concerns of Ricky Dean, a senior Computer Science major, when asked how he would change the school if he could change one thing was “…parking on main campus for commuters to help alleviate the parking lots around noon.” The parking lots are rather small for a school that consists mostly of commuters. 

Ricky Dean

Lee Krauss, a senior Professional Writing major, when asked the same question, said that they would like it if there was more accessibility on campus because “currently a lot of current and older buildings on campus aren’t accessible to the disabled students who may need to use them.”

Lee Krauss

– Evie Giffin

On Wednesday afternoon, students were relaxing in between classes in the Campus Activities Board (CAB) office. While talking I brought up the question of what students would like to see change on campus. Everyone had something different they would like to see.

Senior Biology Major Patrick Trostle said “one thing I would like to see changed at York College is the perceived disconnect between the administration and the student body.”

Patrick Trostle

Everyone was quick to agree with Patrick. Junior Taryn Cook, a Hospitality Management major, added that she “would like to have more size-inclusive settings in classes.”

Taryn Cook

While everyone was able to come up with different things to change on campus, once one student pointed something out, the other students in the room were quick to agree with others in the room.

– Alyson Hatfield

Junior Anthony Soriano, a Mass Communications major, said, “I believe York College needs to adjust the parking situation, I find it very hard to find parking spots and not get a ticket being a commuter.” York College allows students to park a maximum of 15 to 30 minutes in certain spots on campus. Per Soriano, “I’m scared to park on campus at times because so many things can happen in a span of 30 minutes that may delay my time.”

Anthony Soriano

Madison Calamita, a senior Business Analytics major, said she believes that YCP needs to adjust how clubs get food for special events on campus. As of right now Chartwells is the only source of food for students when creating fun events on campus. But imagine if you could use other sources such as Domino’s, Parma, Subway, and more. Calmita says, “If Chartwells allows students to order from places like this to sponsor events on campus, we could produce more fun enticing events for students to have fun and enjoy more styles of food.”

Madison Calamita

Tyler Ratley, a sophomore Sport Media major, wants to give more access to students to support our athletics program. “Students should have more access to go to sporting events on the road. To bring a bus solely for students to give more support for our athletics programs outside the comfort of our campus.”

Tyler Ratley

– Julian Leon

Kiley Barnhart, a sophomore majoring in psychology, was leaving for her next class from Diehl Hall when the Spartan met up with her to ask about change at YCP. “If there was one thing I would change, I think it would be more food options.” She added, “I don’t feel like there’s a lot of healthy options on campus.” She also said that YCP should offer more vegan/vegetarian options. “One of my roommates is vegan, and there’s about only two food options available for her.”   

Kiley Barnhart

Danny Sterling, a freshman whose major is undeclared, spoke to the Spartan about what he would change at YCP. “Parking,” said Sterling, without hesitation, “especially near the business center. I usually have to end up parking somewhere else.”

Danny Sterling

Julianna Bona, a sophomore at YCP, spoke with The Spartan about what she would change. “I would change the parking,” she said. “I think they should have a larger commuter parking lot and change the parking near the business center. I just can’t get a spot over there.” 

Julianna Bona

– Heyley Leitzinger

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