Restaurant Week: A chance to sample what York City has to offer

By Evie Giffin

RESTAURANT Week York will run from Feb. 17-26 offering deals, new foods, and new cuisines at a more affordable price or with unique experiences.

With that comes special deals such as a three-course meal for $50 or special limited-time dishes and deals. Restaurant Week isa program meant specifically for small businesses to get new customers and show off the food they have. It’s also a good way to show your parents that you know the area and to give them a good experience while they visit you. 

For this event, a lot of places are doing lower price points such as Archetype Pizza (33 W. Market St.) and Prince Street Cafe (2 W. Market St.). This can help college students decide on where to bring their parents when they visit (a problem I’ve experienced a lot), try new foods or just have an evening out with friends away from school and all those the reminders to study. This would be a good opportunity for students to have a memorable college experience in York and explore some of the smaller restaurants of the city. 

One of the main organizers is Kate Harmon. She said there will be multiple restaurant weeks going on this year. They are having a Desserts Week on April 15-22, Burgers Week on June 3-10 and Drinks Week in April on Aug. 5-12.  The Drinks Week does have non alcoholic options.

The restaurant week menu is available currently online so you can decide where you go and what you want to eat. Restaurant Week is also an awesome way to try new restaurants and support small businesses. There is generally much demand, so be pro active about reserving a table if you find a place you want to try.

Here’s some things that I think you care about (or at least that I noticed):

  • Prince Street Cafe is going to have $5 smoothies 
  • There are both high end and hole-in-the-wall restaurants 
  • A lot of places are doing lower price points 
  • The list of restaurants and their menus can be found on their website 
  • If you use this link you get free gift cards in exchange for exposure about restaurant week and the place you visited 
  • There are a wide variety of cuisines 
  • The other weeks (desserts, burgers and drinks) are meant to include even more restaurants that maybe don’t offer a full kitchen service 
  • They are trying to keep these small businesses open 
  • They have a couple events for 21+ at Lovedraft’s Unplugged, including a free-entry Pokemon party on Feb. 26. Click here for more info.
  • They encourage restaurants to do a special or a three0course meal on sale or a special event or collaboration. It can’t be their normal menu.

For more information, feel free to go to their website at

Evie Giffin is a senior majoring in Professional Writing and Literary And Textual Studies.

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