Plan for pavilion on tennis courts would be a net gain for YCP students

By Julian Leon

AS SOME of you know, the tennis courts on main campus are no longer being used, leaving that area open to be changed. So what is an option? One would be to put in a pavilion, which would create a space to help students get involved on main campus and hold endless activities for everyone to gather.

School president Dr. Pamela Gunter-Smith addressed that possibility during a recent sit-down with writers from “The Spartan.”

“We have an opportunity to create a space other than classrooms for students to want to gather around and hang out.”

Dr. Pamela Gunter-Smith, YCP president

“We can allow students to gather underneath shelter to listen to a concert, play games, hold activities, and more,” Gunter-Smith said. “We have an opportunity to create a space other than classrooms for students to want to gather around and hang out.”

This is something that likely will have to wait for the next president to take over these plans if they so desire. But the overall consensus from conversations with students is that this would be a great idea for everyone’s benefit.

For now, the tennis courts are sitting idle. But, for how long? (Photo by Paul Vigna)

A current freshman, Kate Walsh, said she believes that this would be an amazing opportunity. “I think a pavilion would offer more space for students to hang out as a group that doesn’t involve being stuck indoors,” she said.

Walsh makes a great point. As of right now, spaces to hang out are limited for students to sit down outdoors, enjoy the fresh air and do activities. Whether that’s studying, meeting new people, games, events, and more. Currently on York College’s campus there are some seating areas in front of the library, various chairs around Wolf lawn, and a swing area by the creek.

But students don’t have many areas to truly sit down outside and get work done.

While this isn’t an issue as much in the winter, this is something that could be beneficial for students during the early fall and spring semesters. Studies show that students are known to have a better mental health status when they have the ability to study outdoors.

Added York College freshman Emma Woods, “It would be fun for students to be able to sit underneath an enclosed area and hang out with each other and study and enjoy the weather on a nice day. It’s something we don’t get to do often anymore.”

One of the biggest things Gunter-Smith wants is to put more emphasis on campus engagement from students and for everyone to feel involved, safe, and happy.

As we know, stress is high during college for all students. Any opportunity to get fresh air, be with friends and be productive, can be good for everyone.

That’s what makes the potential for this pavilion so impactful for students currently on campus and for students who plan to enroll and start attending.

As for the timetable, Gunter-Smith has announced that she’ll retire after the spring semester.

So what’s likely to happen is that Gunter-Smith will set the design and plans during her final months here, but the actual implementation will come later.

For those who have heard about the plan, it can’t come soon enough.

Julian Leon is a senior majoring in Sport Media.

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