Students have their say on the issues of the day

By Jack Fennell

YORK College of Pennsylvania and the York Revolution baseball organization are collaborating to host the inaugural White Rose Music Fest on Friday, Oct. 7 and Saturday, Oct. 8, at PeoplesBank Park in downtown York. 

It will feature global touring acts and is built around the start of fall break, which will begin the evening of Oct. 7 and continue through Oct. 11

Here is a link to the basic information of the event and bio information on the performers.

We asked students a couple of questions about the concert, including whether they knew about it, whether they planned to attend and, in a couple of cases, who they’d love to see perform if they could bring in (or afford) anyone.

Here are the responses:

“Although I am not going to the concert. I think a big PA artist like Taylor Swift should perform.” 

Tyler Ratley is a sophomore who is majoring in Sport Media 

Tyler Ratley

“If I had to pick one artist that would entice me the most to go it would probably be Lil Baby.” 

Aaron Thompson is a sophomore majoring in Criminal Justice

“I am not interested that much in the people performing but who I would probably like to see but unlikely would also be Lil Baby, like Aaron said.” 

Drew Jinmever is a sophomore who is majoring in Sport Management

“I will not be going to the concert but my favorite artist is Tyler the Creator. He would be great to see there.”

Salvatore Mazzella is a sophomore who is majoring in Psychology

From left are Aaron Thompson, Salvatore Mazzella and Drew Jinmever.

“I am not going because I was not aware and I have made plans to be somewhere that weekend.” 

John Diaz is a senior majoring in Sport Management

John Diaz

“I am not going because I am not really interested in concerts. I don’t really like those kinds of things.”

Aidan D’Amico is a sophomore majoring in Fine Arts and Cybersecurity

Aidan D’Amico

“I am not going because I did not know that there was a concert. I also have family that is coming over.”  

Brody Hagender is a junior majoring in Computer Engineering

Brody Hagender

Jack Fennell is a freshman majoring in Sport Media.

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