Moving baseball, softball to west campus remains an appealing idea

By Julian Leon

THE sports facilities on York College’s west campus, as we know, is home to two multi-purpose fields and an amazing gym. But what about some of its oldest sports, baseball and softball? Still stuck on main campus, this article explores the benefits of moving both to the west campus.

One of the key components behind this potential move is location convenience.

Locker rooms, weight room, trainers, etc., are all located on the west campus. So baseball and softball players must travel over to receive the luxury of what our facilities have to offer but then make their way back for practice and games on the opposite side of campus.

The baseball team continues to be one of two sports anchored on the college’s main campus. (Photo by Andrew Reever)

York’s athletic director Matt Day said moving the final two sports would take some work, including “new renovation involved with what would be a new field of play.” Still, the benefits are numerous. “Combining potential turf, spectator seating, improved dugouts, and storage are all enticing aspects that could be used in the recruiting process,” he said.

You all may be wondering, well is this going to happen? As of right now talks are halted. It began three years ago but hit a wall when the pandemic arrived. “All momentum and possible plans had to be stopped until more research could be done,” Day said.

But that doesn’t mean this idea won’t be taken into consideration in the future again. Here we are in 2022 with the latest success both baseball (it went 24-19 and lost the  MAC Commonwealth title in a best-of-three series against Lebanon Valley) and softball (it finished the season with 22 wins including an 11-5 mark in the MAC Commonwealth, good enough to finish second during the league’s regular season.) have had and new possible donations, this idea could become a reality again.

Julian Leon is a senior majoring in Sport Media.

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