Students have their say on the issues of the day

By Kai O’Brien

QUESTION: How do you feel about the removal of the parking garage?

“It sucks! If I’m not here before 12, I’m not getting a spot even close to my class.”  

Joey Kinkella is a sophomore commuter majoring in Accounting.

Joey Kinkella

Ella Weary is a sophomore resident majoring in Mass Communications. 

“More parking overall should be added to campus. Since we have new tennis courts, replace the old ones. Freshman shouldn’t have to park on Jackson street or west just to get parking.” 

Ella Weary

“Space is the main issue. Since I’m a commuter, I really looked to the parking garage as a good alternative. With it gone, it has become worse.”

Jacob Shiflett is a sophomore resident majoring in Sport Management. 

Jacob Shiflett

“It’s dumb. Taking away the parking garage just caused more problems for everybody with there being no space.”  

Emma Gladfelter is a sophomore resident majoring in Nursing

Emma Gladfelter

“It makes no sense. Why would you take away the one parking area that was the most beneficial for EVERYONE.” 

Vaughntay Mcgraw is a senior resident majoring in Biology.

Vaughntay Mcgraw

Kai O’Brien is a Mass Communications major. He also runs track and field and plays for the club lacrosse team as well. 

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