Reaction to dorms blows hot and cold amid need for some changes | Editorial

By The Spartan Editorial Board

HERE at York College of Pennsylvania there are a variety of different places to live. No place can ever be perfect but there are some issues we have with living in the resident halls on campus. With housing selection underway these problems might make or break our decisions with where we choose for next year.

With resident halls all over campus for all years, we have 24 options to choose from. Subtracting all first-year residence halls leaves us with 17 options. Remembering to take away the five houses that belong to Greek life leaves us with 12 upperclassmen options to choose from. The nitty-gritty part of housing has just begun with choosing roommates and figuring out where we can go depending on size.

One of the most pressing issues on everybody’s mind is air conditioning (AC). Northside Commons, Little Run Lodge and Susquehanna Hall are the only halls right now that have the wonderful cooling system. Northside is a medical priority dorm, so doctors’ permission is needed first, along with being a privilege to the scholars’ program. You can always choose it as an option, but those reasons will always be a priority to anyone else wanting to live there. Little Run Lodge has no such conflicts, but is the only reason it has AC because it is connected to the dining hall? Susquehanna rounds out the breakdown of one resident hall on each campus (North, West, Main) that have air conditioning.

Each dorm has a heating system so why isn’t there AC? Are the systems really that old or too different where the same vents for heat can’t be used for AC?

If air conditioning isn’t possible, what about updating the windows of the dorms to better fit box fans. Some dorms such as Manor West, Manor East, and Country Club Manors can’t fit two box fans side by side in the windows.

This makes cooling the dorm in the beginning of the year a lot harder because you can’t have a proper circulation of air flow in the room.

While the Country Club Manors are getting remodeled this upcoming fall semester, Manor West and Manor East aren’t. Is it too much to ask for the windows to be wider so that two fans can fit next to each other?

Aside from needing and wanting a better system to cool the resident halls down, the furniture throughout all of the buildings leaves something to be desired. We understand that there is different wear and tear on the furniture depending on year and which dorm we are placed, but as a whole they are gross.

A lot of the furniture is mix-matched patterns and colors and very worn because there are holes in the chairs or couches in the common rooms. Some of the furniture in these locations are highly traveled and get dirty faster than anything else. It doesn’t give the dorm the best look to see furniture that is tattered, ripped, and unwashed.

While each individual dorm room comes standard with the same basic furniture, each resident hall also has some differences that impact all.

In Penn Hall and Beard Hall, the wardrobe and desk are built into the wall and therefore cannot be moved. This is not conducive for rearranging your room to better fit what you like and prefer. This style forces residents to work around the furniture instead of the furniture working around them.

Manor North and Manor South have wardrobes that are shorter than an average resident. If a resident is not from a surrounding area, then they bring all their clothes with them, so they don’t need to go home. How do all those items fit in a hanging wardrobe that is literally the size of a fifth grader?

Some dorms such as Manor West, Manor East, and Country Club Manors can’t fit two box fans side by side in the windows. (Photo by the Spartan staff)

On the other hand, upperclassmen dorms such as Richland Hall, Spring Garden Apartments, Brockie Commons, Country Club Manors and Susquehanna Hall don’t have a microwave provided by the school; residents need to bring their own if they want one.

The school provides all kitchen appliances for those halls, though those are also outdated, why don’t they provide a microwave?

Essentially, we think the best ways to solve these issues is to update all the dorms at once when it comes to easier things like the furniture, and when the bigger renovations need to be made then please make a timeline for us to follow along with. The school partners with the MicroFridge Company to allow first-year residents to have a microwave and fridge in the resident halls. The school could also partner with another company to give upperclassmen residents an opportunity to rent a microwave for the year, instead of buying their own.

Anything for home to look and feel a little bit more like home.

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