For graduates, there’s a fee to be paid that covers related costs

By Karisma Boyd

THE 2022 spring semester at York College will end in about 5 weeks, depending on the length of finals. For some students, it entails preparing for the next semester while future graduates are eager to walk across the stage and receive their diploma as they transition to pursue their long-awaited careers.

For graduates at York College, students are to pay a fee of $65. The graduation fee has been in place for over a decade and is charged to upcoming graduates, going toward the process of making and receiving diplomas and the guest speaker. They also pay another $65 for the caps and gowns.

Casey Emig is the assistant director of the Business Office. Regarding the senior graduation fee, she talked about the importance of seniors contributing to the commencement.

“Every graduating student must pay the graduation fee, even if they are not participating in the commencement ceremony, she said, noting that students are considered “officially not graduated” if the required fee is not paid.

Paying for a diploma and toward the cost of the guest speaker at a ceremony you might or might not attend isn’t a policy that all seniors embrace.

But is it the same for other colleges? We compared a few colleges of the same caliber as York College that are private and non-profit.

Central Penn College in Summerdale, near Harrisburg, charges students a fee of $125. This goes toward cap and gowns, diplomas, and other items associated with graduation.

Messiah College in Mechanicsburg, Cumberland County, charges students $100 for the same purpose.

However, institutions like Lebanon Valley College in Annville, Lebanon County, do not follow the same protocol.

“We do not charge any commencement fees for students, or ‘dues’ for the senior class/graduates,” said Kelsea Gonzalez, an associate at the LVC registrar and commencement committee member.

Since the fee at York College has been in place, the price has only risen $5 more than the original price of $60.

If you’re an upcoming/current senior and have additional questions or concerns, you can contact the Business Office via email at or by phone 717-815-1470. You can also contact the Financial Aid office via email or by phone 717-815-1282.

Karisma Boyd is a sophomore majoring in Mass Communications and a co-editor for The Spartan Features section.

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