Murph’s Study Hall: A York College staple even 40 years later

Says York College student Kayla Gibson of Murph’s Study Hall, “Everyone would always talk about the bar, but I never really got the hype until I went.” (Photo by Jenna Cibulsky)

By Jenna Cibulsky

(This story appeared in The Spartan on May 14, 2021)

Having been the place to be for current York College students and alumni alike, Murph’s Study Hall serves as a York College staple. Though the city of York is filled with restaurants and bars, there is one establishment that comes up in conversation time and time again, and rightfully so: Murph’s Study Hall.

Located on Jessop Place, right off Jackson Street, Murph’s Study Hall is the perfect destination for York College students as it is a short walk from campus. Quite frankly, the bar itself is nothing spectacular, but the atmosphere is what truly makes it. That guy who lived down the hall freshman year… the girl you met orientation weekend … that stranger on the campus shuttle … somehow everyone is there on the weekends, and the sense of York College culture is incredible.

Besides current students, alumni frequent the establishment as well. Says Thomas Wessner, a junior on campus, “My dad was a 1986 graduate of York College and a big fan of Murph’s. To this day he talks about the fun him and his friends had at Murph’s and even took me there for my 21st birthday!”

Cailin Freeman, a senior on campus, describes his love for the bar this way, “There is no way I am visiting York College in twenty years without stopping by Murph’s. I’ll make my kids tour campus just so I have an excuse to go.”

Upon speaking with other students on campus who are loyal fans of Murph’s Study Hall, there seems to be a mutual love of the bartenders, drink specials, and no surprise here — just the overall atmosphere. York College student Kayla Gibson mentions how “everyone would always talk about the bar, but I never really got the hype until I went. It’s really nothing fancy by any means, but it is now my favorite place to go on the weekends. Everyone is there, and it’s just a really fun place to be.”

Besides having a fun atmosphere, Murph’s Study Hall offers specials every day, making it the perfect place for the college student on a budget. You certainly do not want to miss out on Yuengs and Wings (and karaoke night) on Wednesdays, mixed drink pitchers on Thursdays, and $1.50 well drinks on Friday and Saturday. Similarly, the bar has a surprisingly large food menu with everything from handcrafted pizzas to butter-breaded fried mushrooms.

With regulars, including myself, who frequent Murph’s Study Hall every weekend, there is no doubt that the bar has developed a loyal following. According to Davin McCallen, a senior on campus, “You know it’s the place to be when even the college bookstore sells Murph’s merchandise. My friend bought the ‘Gone to Murph’s’ wooden sign the other day and it now proudly hangs in her apartment.”

For more information and updated hours, check out Murph’s Study Hall’s website.

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