Students have their say on the issues of the day

(Photo by the York College of Pennsylvania website)

By Hannah Eveland

QUESTIONS: Where do you get your news? Do you feel the news you get is reliable? Are you engaged more with the news now than you were before coming into college?

I get my news mainly from watching it on TV if i’m being honest. I always find myself watching it in the morning before I go to class. Other times I as well get it from TikTok or Facebook. From the news channels I feel that I do get reliable news. From TikTok, i don’t really feel that it’s as reliable as the news channels. I would say I am engaged more in the news than before only because as I’m getting older, things they are broadcasting are now starting to become something I need to worry about, not to worry about, or if it will affect me in any way.

Kirsten Riecke is a sophomore majoring in psychology.

Kirsten Riecke

I feel like I typically get my news from CBS or Fox News! I feel like it’s partly reliable, but I also feel like no news station will ever be 100% unbiased. I also feel like we sometimes don’t get the whole picture of what’s actually going on. I think I’m definitely more engaged with the news now then I have been in the past. Once I got into college and chose Sociology as my degree, it really opened my eyes that I needed to really pay attention and stay informed on what’s going on in the world.

Alyssa Steipler is a junior majoring in sociology.

Alyssa Steipler

My friends and I watch NBC News a lot but I also get my news from Twitter. I think if it’s on Twitter and it’s from an actual news source then it’s reliable but most of the time it’s not. I think I got more engaged with the news when COVID started.

Bethany Ruth is a sophomore majoring in biology.

Bethany Ruth

I’d say I get my news from word of mouth mostly and I feel like it’s not always the most reliable but then I will look it up and see what people are talking about. The same for things that are on TikTok.

Marlee Payne is a freshman majoring in biology.

Marlee Payne

I get news from my family and TikTok really. I don’t think the news sources are reliable because they aren’t always the most accurate or up to date. I used to be more engaged with the news as a kid than I am now.

Brooke Ballinger is a senior majoring in biology.

Brooke Ballinger

Hannah Eveland is a senior majoring in professional writing and minoring in advertising.

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