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By Autumn Miller

Question: With less than only 2 months left in the semester, final week will be approaching quickly. Usually we have Reading Day the day before finals, but this semester we do not. As a student, do you feel that reading day is important to have? Why?

Reading Day is important for students’ mental health. Reading day provides a day to study without interruption for finals, or just simply to unwind before the exams. Reading day was something students looked forward to.

Morrissey Walsh, 2023 junior, Mass Communication and History minor

Morrissey Walsh

I absolutely think Reading Day is important to have. Finals week is a really stressful time and having a day given completely to us to study or have a break or to use however we decide is really beneficial to the success of us as students. For those of us who benefit from studying non-stop, it’s a day for that. For those of us who like to give ourselves breaks in between work, it’s a day for that.

Hanna Rudick, 2023 junior, Film and Media Arts major

Hanna Rudick

I’d say it’s important to have. Gives either a day of rest after a long semester or a day to prepare that you otherwise wouldn’t have without it.

Mitch Duvall, 2024 sophomomitch Duvallre, Mechanical Engineer major

Mitch Duvall

As an engineering student, I feel that Reading Day is a day to focus on strictly studying for finals and not having to stress about classes. It is a good day to relax, study with friends, and prepare for final exams.

Tate Miller, 2023 junior, Civil Engineering major and Mathematics minor

Tate Miller

As the semester is winding down and finals are starting to approach our horizon, we don’t see a Reading Day scheduled into our planners. This day was important not only to reflect upon the semester but to actively study for any big finals that we might have. This day also gave us a break from our rigorous schedules to relax and maybe even take a day off before entering our focused mode of reviewing information we learned in the semester and to apply it to the upcoming related final. For me personally, I will miss these days as I am graduating May 5th this year and won’t have another Reading Day ever again. Something about just knowing how close one is to the finals and being rewarded with those scheduled days has some euphoria to it, it’s like the quiet before the storm of the finals hit and all the knowledge we know somewhere in our brains get summoned and effectively answers the questions.

Barak Amige, 2022 senior, Mechanical Engineering major

Barak Amige

Autumn Miller is a senior majoring in Mass Communication.


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