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By Molly McCullough

Question: What’s the last concert you’ve attended and what’s your take on what happened at the Travis Scott concert in Houston last month? Is his offering to pay for all the funerals enough?

The last concert was Panic at the Disco in 2019. The Travis Scott concert was honestly one of the saddest things I’ve seen/heard about. There was so much negligence on both Travis’s end and the venue. From articles I read apparently they hired security that did not have much training, there were extra fans at the venue, people asking for help and being ignored, travis has a history of telling his fans to engage in the kind of behavior that led to the concert and him blatantly not stopping the concert was absolutely sick. Innocent people died at something that many probably saved paychecks or dreamed of attending. It was tragic that in my opinion could have been avoided and saved so many families from losing loved ones and fans from experiencing such trauma. I think Travis paying for the funerals is the bare minimum he could do. His lack of remorse paired with his arrogance to continue singing showed to me more legal action needs to be taken against him. I honestly think based on the history of his shows, hosting him as an artist is a huge liability to his fans and the venues who chose to host him.

Rebecca Bellino, senior, Recreation Leadership with an emphasis in Therapeutic Recreation

Rebecca Bellino

My last concert was Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie. I don’t think what happened at Travis Scott’s concert should’ve occurred. He is in charge of how the show goes. Even at metal concerts if someone falls in a mosh pit we pick people up. Scott deliberately wanted to cause chaos. He should be paying for those people’s funerals, they came out of their way to see him and people died. Young kids died. That’s not okay.

Olivia Burke, super senior, Mass Communications

Olivia Burke

The last concert I attended was a Rex Orange County Concert sometime in November 2020. My take on what happened at the concert is that it was totally avoidable and no one but Travis Scott and his management’s fault. He showed no concern during the concert when people were yelling at him to stop. Not to mention his apology video was not genuine at all. I do not believe that paying for the funerals he caused is nearly enough. He is responsible for these deaths. He saw what was happening in the crowd.

Aidan Smith, sophomore, Engineering Management

Aidan Smith

I went to a Jake Owen concert in York in July. I think it was doomed from the start with people crashing in and the crowd surging the whole time. I thought it was complete negligence. I don’t think him paying for the funerals does anything.

Matt Fanelli, senior, Sports Management

Matt Fanelli

The last concert I attended was The Jonas Brothers. It absolutely breaks my heart and is the epitome of immaturity and selfish behavior. Despite people’s efforts to stop the show, inform him of the damage that was happening, he refused. He even acknowledged ambulances in the audience and less than a minute later encouraged people to get rowdier. There was no thought for the safety and well-being of the audience. I’m also someone who has seen more than ninety artists live in concert, so I’m not a stranger to the concert atmosphere and dangers large crowds like them pose. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done to reverse the damage. He should also offer to cover any medical bills for the countless other people that were harmed. I also think there is some serious work that needs to be implemented if he ever has future shows to ensure safe environments, free hydration, multiple medical teams, some form of emergency alert systems, and things of that sort. And also stop encouraging crowds to participate in riot-like behavior.

Tori Wuensche, senior, Nursing

Tori Wuensche

Molly McCullough is a junior at York College of Pennsylvania and a Sport Media major.


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