Student Senate wants YOU! Here’s a sampling of what’s ahead in the spring

There will be opportunities for new members on the Student Senate in the spring. (Photo provided by Sophia Barnes)

By Elliot Langkam

Editor’s note: This is the fifth and last in a series of stories on York College and some of the key issues it faces moving forward.

There are a variety of surveys that the York College Student Senate are currently assembling in order to see how students feel on different issues including academic and student services.

The Senate also plans to expand the Aunt Flow project across the campus. They are also hoping that with students being more open with their different interests that it could lead to the formation of more clubs.

Says Sophia Barnes, Student Senate president: “Though there is a limited number of seats on Student Senate, all students are welcome to attend meetings, give suggestions, or even work alongside our committees toward their goals or projects. Students also have the opportunity to run for a position in the spring semester so keep an eye out for that next semester. We are also planning some events and tabling opportunities for students to join just for fun.

“Prior to COVID, we did ‘Tot Tuesdays’ where we handed out tater tots in the Student Union just for fun. This is something that we hope to return to as we are able and we are open to suggestions of what students would like to see from us. We want to be there for students as leaders but also as peers.”

That’s just the starting point, she said.

“We will likely be announcing some of these events over the break,” she said. “We also should be giving updates through our social media, so make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook (@ycpstudentsenate). We also have a number of bulletin boards throughout the Student Union where we regularly post updates and events as they come up. We also just started a TikTok so follow us there as well.

“Lastly, we are hoping to host another West Campus Involvement Fair in the Spring in order for students to get more involved and to meet the senators. One of our main purposes is to uplift and encourage the clubs and organizations on campus so we hope that events like that can accomplish that goal.”

Bottom line, be sure to check for updates on more ways to be involved on campus and to use the Student Senate to have your voice heard.

Elliot Langkam is a Professional Writing major with a Music Performance minor. They are a senior and are expected to graduate by the spring 2022 semester.


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