YCP clubs: LAMBDA all about ‘making members feel protected and welcome’

(Lambda Facebook page)

By Vaughntay Mcgraw

Lambda is “a club created where queer/trans folks can come together and express themselves free of judgement,” says Cherish T. Christopher, president of the organization. It’s also a place where supporters can come to learn about the community from those in LAMBDA.

Club members help each other build confidence, figure out who they are and what it is they truly stand for. The community welcomed with the upmost respect for anyone who is new or anyone who wants to gain some knowledge about their community.

“When new members come to LAMBDA, first thing I do as a president is introduce myself, so they know that I’m approachable,” Christopher says. “From there, our members try to find some way to connect. It’s normally through music or a TV show. After that we invite new members to get dinner with us in the dining hall, and we try and get to know them! We’re all about making our members feel protected and welcomed, because it’s rare that queer/trans people experience that in regular spaces.”

Here is a link to the organization’s Facebook page.

And here is its mission statement: “Lambda works to provide the York College of Pennsylvania student body and surrounding community with a positive, supportive organization for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender individuals and their many allies. Lambda is a social club for all students regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Lambda also serves as a confidential support group for students who are questioning their sexual orientation. Through educational activities and events, Lambda hopes to make York College and the community more tolerant and accepting to people.”

Christopher says there are a lot of things that people tend to misunderstand about the LAMBDA community. “There are people out there who think we’re sexual deviants who are looking to rot the brain of our youth, and there are people out there who think we’re mentally sick and need help. At the end of the day, we’re humans just like the next person. Our sexual orientation/gender identity does not make us any less of a person, and queer people will continue to exist no matter what.”

Misunderstanding is common throughout the entire LGBT community, Christopher says, as well as LAMBDA here at York College. “There’s more to everyone in this world no matter who likes who are who calls them to be a different gender. We are all humans that bleed and breathe the same air, and that should be enough to be given basic respect.”

Vaughntay Mcgraw is a junior majoring in biology.


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