YCP clubs: InterVarsity gives students a place for fellowship, conversation

(Facebook page)

By Vaughntay Mcgraw

InterVarsity is a vibrant campus ministry that establishes and advances witnessing communities of students and faculty.

It is one of many clubs already established on the York College campus. Here is a link to its Facebook page. It’s a chance to have fun and be part of a welcoming place, where you can break down into smaller groups for more conversation to really get a sense of what everyone’s thoughts are about Christianity.

“Inter Varsity is an amazing organization with not being only here at York College but a global chapter,” said the club president, Jonathan Renzi. “Not only is InterVarsity here but [can also be found] in many other campuses around the world.”

Anyone can join this club regardless of their race, religion, gender, etc. Finding friends are easy when you can talk about stuff you have in common.

Even COVID couldn’t stop the club from staying in touch through social distancing, creating more opportunities for people to just pop in and get a feel of what’s going on throughout the club.

From being on Zoom to being outside in the cold, InterVarsity would meet for laughs and a good time with up to 20 to 25 people (due to COVID restrictions)

Events still took place and new projects are being planned to keep InterVarsity alive and flowing.

Vaughntay Mcgraw is a junior majoring in biology.

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