The Word on Campus: Students have their say on the issues of the day

By Breanna Hoffner

Question: With the Spring Concert quickly approaching, which artist would you like to see perform and why?

I believe it’s out of CAB’s price range, but I would like to see Kanye West at our spring concert. I like the variety of his songs on his albums, so there is at least something I would like for sure. There is no song I would be disappointed in hearing. It would be an interesting experience.

Josiah Williams is a Senior Sports Management major. He is a CA for North Campus.

Josiah Williams

Pitbull/ I know friends that would like Pitbull, and I like a few of his songs. There’s a lot of meme content, and you can’t go wrong with Mr. Worldwide. It’s difficult to pick one person; I like just 1 song from several different artists, but it’s hard to find artists that I like several songs from.

Jalil Dixon is a Junior Professional Writing major. He also works as a tutor in the writing center.

Jalil Dixon

Three Days Grace, I just really love their music. I have never been to a concert before, so I think it would be so cool to see them perform live.

Amanda Ott is a senior Forensic Chemistry major here at YCP. She also serves as an RA on West Campus.

Amanda Ott

Probably the Weeknd, but he isn’t an option right? I love his music, plus he brings back that 80s style. A lot of his songs are popular; he’s not just a one hit wonder. So, I feel like his concert would be enjoyable as I like and know most of his songs.

Dillon Cortez is a Junior Music Major. He recently changed his major from Nursing to Music, and is self taught on several instruments.

Dillon Cortez

Oliver Tree, because it would be funny to have him as he is kind of a meme of a human but he also does some pretty good music. It also seems like a realistic option for the school as he is not that famous but still well known.

Mitch Wright is a Senior Finance Major. He serves as the Chief Economist on the YCP Student Managed Fund and as the Treasurer for the YCP Scouting Association.

Breanna Hoffner is a senior Marketing major who is minoring in Professional Writing and Creative Writing.


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