Students have their say on the issues of the day

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By Alyson Hatfield

QUESTION: With the Pennsylvania primary election coming up, do you feel that it is important to vote in primary elections?

Yes. I believe we should be utilizing our right to vote whenever we can in order to ensure our democracy is working on behalf of the majority. Your primary elections set up the individuals who will be competing for the spot of representatives, senators, governors, even presidents. The more you participate at the early stages, the candidate who is picked to represent the DNC/RNC will more accurately reflect their constituent’s wants
and needs.
Jay Hynes, Junior, Political Science/Legal Studies

Jay Hynes

I don’t believe it is important but highly recommended. Every voice matters whether you believe it or not. I hope everyone votes but if you don’t then you are not using your voice and fighting for your ideas.
Sarah Olivieri, sophomore, music education

Sarah Olivieri

From what I understand of primary elections, I believe that they are an important part of upholding our democracy. I think that everyone should vote in the primaries because it is the best way to make your voice and opinion heard.
Alex Merritt, sophomore, professional writing

Alex Merritt

Yes I do think that it is important for people to vote in the primaries. But I personally choose not to because I don’t really know where to vote or how to get information without being overwhelmed by all the candidates that are running.
Juneau Sykes, sophomore, International Relations and Literary & Text

Juneau Sykes

I feel like the primary elections are important. It is a time were we can go out and allow our voices to be heard. If you don’t vote in the primaries you have no say in the people that will be representing you for the next 2–6 years.
Destiny Herrington, junior, Human Services majo

Destiny Herrington

Alyson Hatfield is a sophomore majoring in political science and minoring in public relations.


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