Cuttin’ a rug: 1950s prom allows attendees to ‘travel’ back in time

A shot of the two winners in the best-dressed category: Maya Bashore and Patrick Rehmeyer.

By Breanna Hoffner

This past Saturday, the Campus Activities Board (CAB) held a ‘50s prom at the Valencia Ballroom in downtown York. The event was a continuation of CAB’s decade-themed proms, with the last one being ‘80s themed in 2019. Due to COVID-19, CAB has had to take a hiatus from their proms but Saturday night brought back the popular event.

Arriving at the prom, many donned poodle skirts and leather jackets. There were cat-eye glasses, rolled-up jeans, and saddle shoes galore. Attendees danced to a mix of ‘50s tunes and current hits. Many showed off their ‘50s dance moves such as the Hand Jive and the Twist.

The event was a sellout, with a total of 125 tickets sold. A shuttle was offered for students to take to the downtown location. Guests were treated to a buffet of cheeseburgers with a topping bar, tater tots and french fries done in four different styles, and then a float bar for dessert featuring rootbeer floats, orange creamsicle floats, and Pepsi floats.

Several prizes were given out at the event with a portable Victrola and a Crosley mini Bluetooth jukebox going to the best-dressed individuals of the night: Maya Bashore and Patrick Rehmeyer. Dillon Cortez and Nevin Ferry won best dance moves and split the prize of a Space Adventures comic book, a 1950s candy bundle, a vintage jacks set, and mini record coasters. Lastly, Sydney Slack won best hairdo and got a bundle of prizes featuring a retro themed Yahtzee game, a vintage jacob’s ladder, and a tin sign reading “Fly Me to the Moon.”

When complimented on her hair, Sydney said, “I’ve been practicing for twoweeks.” Her practice showed, as many were impressed with her look.

The event was held Saturday night at the Valencia in York. (Photo by Breanna Hoffner)

The dance floor was strewn with dance circles throughout most of the night, and line dances such as Cotton Eye Joe and the Cha Cha Slide brought even more to the floor. As the dancing continued, attendees were able to feel one of the Valencia’s claims-to-fame, a spring-loaded dance floor.

Of the dance, Patrick Rehmeyer noted that he “was the graduating class of 2020.

I never had a prom,” he said. “This is my prom …”

Breanna Hoffner is a senior majoring in Marketing and minoring in Creative Writing and Professional Writing.


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